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Artist Profile

I am a Manchester born Artist and specialise in painting and sculpture. I have a varied skill set and will work in any medium depending on which material lends itself to my concerns. My work is autobiographical and represents different areas of my life. I have an obsession with movement and I use this as a starting point in every piece I produce. The indication of movement in my work denotes progression and my search for freedom; a reluctance to become stagnant and a strong urge to achieve every goal I set myself.  I try to capture this in my work in different scenarios with sensitivity and strength.  

Wilde Artist


I create work with total conviction otherwise it lacks identity and certainty and could easily mutate into something entirely different.  Revealing my identity through my artwork is very important to me; whether it’s my love of music, cities, dancing or myself, it holds no pretention. If elements of truth and honesty are not visible in the work, it does not hold my true identity.